Cob Building Workshop & Class

This is a practical hands-on cob workshop designed to give you building skills through first hand experience and practice. Be prepared to get dirty! We will be spending most of each day doing enjoyable but physical work.

This workshop is a 10-day intensive designed to prepare you to build a cob home.

  • Get hands on experience in each stage of construction so you can go home with the confidence and skills to build your own house.
  • Alternating work and class lecture will cover safety, financing, building siting, planning, permitting, foundations, walls, windows, doors, roofs, plasters, floors, sculptural work, electricity and plumbing.
  • Use a range of cob construction techniques from hand and foot mixing to tractor-cob.
  • Bring your building plans, designs and ideas to discuss with experienced builders with an eye toward framing a do-able project and realistic expectations.

What to expect at this cob workshop:

Accommodations weather and meals:

You will be tent camping on rural land about 5 minutes from town. You can expect hot days and cool nights. This project will be among the first buildings on the site of Mariposa Ecovillage. There are composting toilets and hot showers. We provide simple hearty meals of fresh whole foods and eat three meals a day together. The food will be vegan and vegetarian. We will provide coffee and tea with breakfast in the mornings. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know ahead of time and we will almost certainly be able to accommodate you.

If you prefer not to camp you can rent a bed in our bunkhouse for $10/night. Please let us know well in advance if you want to reserve a bed. There are also reasonably priced hotels in the vicinity.

Family Friendly Cob Classes

Our July workshops will include special accommodations for families with children including natural building projects, crafts, and educational activities on the site and at the adjacent Wildcat Bluff nature center. Our onsite kids-camp director will co-ordinate childcare turns with parents to allow maximum participation in hands-on and lecture sessions. Youth will have the option of working with the adults and playing with the kids.

Workshop Location & Time:

Mariposa Ecovillage, Amarillo, Texas

Summer 2010 Contact us for timeframes.

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You’ll start fairly early in the morning and take an extended lunch break. There will be lecture classes and demonstrations during breaks in the building and slide shows, videos, and camp fires at night.

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