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Mother Earth News: Get Muddy! Make Earth Art

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Thinking About Building a Cob Home?

Skagit Valley Herald: Building Au Naturel

Ventura County Reporter: Castles of Sand (and Straw)

Willamette Week: Sustainable Mud

NY Times: Down and Dirty

USA Today: Building from the Ground Up


Many media outlets turn to Natural Building Network for original, accurate content. We work on this stuff because we believe in it, and the more widely distributed the information the better.

If you are crafting a piece and think we might have some text or graphics which could benefit your project, please let us know.

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Depending on the outlet and how much work we have to do, our images and text may be used with a moderate charge, or, especially if we don’t have to modify the material, nothing more than a credit (e.g., “this material used with permission from Natural Building Network,”).

Our material has been used in many articles and books.

At times our information has been reproduced without critical context or qualifiers so that it could lead people to make mistakes. We prefer to have the opportunity to check articles featuring our material for technical accuracy. Many publications have asked us to check other writing for technical accuracy and this is now a service we offer as well.

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Reprinted with Permission.

Reprinted with Permission.

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